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Rebeca Calvo (now Rebeca Fuchs) was born in Madrid, Spain, where she graduated from the Fine Arts Faculty of Universidad Complutense de Madrid, with a master in Design.

She developed a professional career as furniture designer, creating numerous collections for the retail and contract markets and eventually working mainly for major hotel projects (

Her career in the hospitality industry brought her to work and live in Europe, Asia and finally the US, experiences which enriched her both professionally and as a human being.

It was in the states where she started to combine art and design projects, channeling her creativity into drawings and paintings.

Her art work uses traditional mediums as oil and pastels with vibrant and intense colors. Her figurative and imaginative representations explore the world of human emotions and feelings, as a way to discover what is consciousness, what is life, and why do we feel.

She also works creating paintings on commission related to motherhood and childhood.